Kale Anyone?!

8.14 Kale JuiceWe just recently purchased a Breville juicer and it has been so great to be able to make fresh juices at home. I am really not a big kale person and therefore I sadly usually shy away from most green juices. However, this past winter in Florida I had a green juice that included pineapple and I found that the pineapple really cut the harsh kale flavor. The combo was on the top of my list once I started making juices at home.

Prouts Neck Letterpress Cards




I am so excited to announce that I am now selling a limited quantity of Prouts Neck Letterpress cards. During my internship at Smudge Ink this summer I had the opportunity to create and print my own design. It was such a great experience to go through the entire process of making the cards; from sketching and creating the design, to having plates printed, then selecting ink colors and paper, then printing the cards on the Vandercook letterpress, and then finally cutting the cards down and scoring them.


The cards are being sold in boxed sets or as single.

Boxed set 6 Letterpress Cards (3.5”x4.875”) with Blue Envelopes  $20 per Set  - 9 Available

Single Letterpress Card (3.5”x4.875”) with Blue Envelope    $4.00 per Card   –  30 Available

All sales of the prouts cards are being handled through email, so please email me at factor124info@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing the cards.